List Of Missing 411 Books

missing411-eastern-USAList Of Missing 411 Books. The missing 411 phenomena is mostly focused on America. Most of the cases are happening in the USA. However, there are cases reported in other parts of the world as well, such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

So what makes a missing person or disappearance case a "missing 411" qualifier. Most of the time its down to the strange circumstances of the person's disappearance. Most of the time the missing individual is never found. Which, considering many of the locations, and the extensive area search and rescue efforts to locate the missing person, is strange in itself. Although some investigators and casual researchers disagree.

And if the person is found, which is sadly, usually dead, the circumstances are very mysterious to say the least. Many books have been written about the missing 411 cases and people going missing in the national parks. One of the authorities on this subject is David Paulides. In order by date (year, not month), here is a list of the Missing 411 Book series by David Paulides. They are currently for sale on Amazon. I believe the books can be found in hardback paperback, Kindle format, audiobooks and PDFs.

List Of Missing 411 Books [by David Paulides]

Missing 411-Western United States & Canada: Unexplained Disappearances of North Americans that have never been solved - 2012 [UK LINK]

Missing 411- Eastern United States: Unexplained disappearances of North Americans that have never been solved - 2012

Missing 411-North America and Beyond: Stories of people who have disappeared in remote locations of North America and five other countries - 2013

Missing 411-The Devil's in the Detail - 2014 [UK LINK]

Missing 411- A Sobering Coincidence - 2015

Missing 411- Hunters (Volume 1) - 2016

Missing 411- Off the Grid - 2017

Missing 411: LAW - 2018

David Paulides has also written books on Bigfoot. Those are:

Tribal Bigfoot [UK LINK]

The Hoopa Project - Bigfoot encounters in California [UK LINK]

Hoopa Project: Bigfoot Encounters in California (2018 Reprint) [UK LINK]

Does The Predator Alien Really Exist

Where did the makers of the film Predator get their idea from? Did they know something that most don't. Would it surprise you to find out that quite a few people claim to have saw a real life Predator-like hologram creature in the woods. And he was using the trees to travel, just like in the movie. As strange as this might sound, there are more than a few stories from people, who don't know each other, that have basically seen and described the exact same thing.

However, not all sighting on these beings have taken place in the woods. Some have been seen in residential areas outside homes, and some have even been witnessed in cities.

[Video] Strange Stories of Encounters with Translucent Humanoids | Predator Like Creatures in the Woods

A cloaked, mostly transparent being that can go around and remain mostly undetected. I say "mostly" undetected, because people have seen them. If looking carefully when one is in the vicinity, they can sometimes be seen. There is so much we don't know and don't yet understand. But I believe that these creatures have been known by some people, perhaps the Government and those who have access to top-level information for many years.

Could these shadow-beings be one of the creatures abducting people in the national parks of America. It's certainly a possibility that can not be ruled out. Although I should state: I believe that last bit of footage in the video above is fake. However, the stories from witnesses are very interesting to say the least. What do you make of it all? Comment below.

Old UFO Sighting At Atuel River Mendoza

Here's a quick old photo of a UFO spotted at the Atuel River in Mendoza. The witness said it was like a fireball flying across the sky. I wonder if this was just how bright the UFO was when in operation (glowing), or if it was actually in trouble and ultimately going to end up making a crash land somewhere in Argentina. Does anyone know the follow up to this sighting? I seem to have forgotten the picture takers name as it has been many years since this sighting.

Old UFO Sighting At Atuel River Mendoza

A Quick UFO Sighting August 2018 - Ohio

So many people are filming UFO's these days. Most of them consist of strange morphing objects or lights in the sky. This one is a weird cluster of flashing lights spotted while driving in Cincinnati Ohio, USA (August 2018). The clip is only 11 seconds long, but long enough to get a decent look at the object in question. So what do you think it is. A man made Government craft of some variety, or something more alien in origin. Comment below.

Opinion On Credible Alien Abductions

Sent in by Nana in response to the video (Top 4 Most Credible ALIEN ABDUCTIONS) embedded below. Personally, I think the people who tell their story's in the video are very credible.

Nana's view: In my honest opinion these stories are obviously fake. Not only do the people lie without a flinch in their eyes but the reporting is also properly disingenuous to start with. All the stories are told with the assumption that those people are very unlikely to lie about what happened. The most important fact that is missed and in the video is that none of these people actually brought forth evidence or any kind of verifiable proof to indeed show that what has happened to them is not just their delusions or their desire to fame and/or money. The first bloke is supposed to be honest because “his credentials back him up”? Since when is a respected professor unable to lie?

Is that a biological change to your body that happens once you become a “respected professor” and makes you unable to lie in order to reboot your failed professor life and get some fame? And the second case, an old man that was probably in the process of fighting Alzheimer's and/or Schizophrenia, who probably just tripped and fell, and got bruised pretty bad, tells us that he was attacked by an alien ship?

And the third guy, why are we supposed to believe him when he says for example that he hypnotized himself and that he discovered whatever generic alien story he spouts in order to get famous? “But why would an Air Force One serviceman with a promising career make something like this up?”. Maybe because he didn’t have a promising career, maybe he did make some money from all of this, I mean getting invited to speak at radio stations and whatnot isn’t done for free, or you know, maybe he just wanted the fame, after all, what’s stopping him from lying?

Obviously nothing that has stopped the guys from the fourth story from lying. They all related different experiences, sort of like when the event described hasn’t really happened and they just can’t remember all the details of the lie they planned to tell. That’s why the stories are most probably fake, because there is no evidence in support of them, only falsifiable and dishonest reports. As Carl Sagan once said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”.

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